Google-backed Rich Communication Services (RCS) is no rival to Apple’s iMessage and it’s a bit concerning that the prominent tech giant is backing its adoption

Early last week, Google announced that they would be teaming up with prominent telecommunications providers to back a new instant messaging standard for the Android platform in the vein of Apple’s messaging platform, iMessage. The idea is to incorporate features … Read more

If you haven’t already done so, please update libgcrypt on your systems

Security researchers from the Technical University of Eindhoven, University of Illinois, University of Pennsylvania, University of Maryland and the University of Adelaide have discovered a critical vulnerability (CVE-2017-7526) in the Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG) cryptographic library (libgcrypt), which allowed them … Read more

Mozilla’s Firefox Focus now available on Android

If you’ve combed through the Web Browsers section of our site, you’d have surely noticed that the sole browser/browser codebase that we recommend is Mozilla’s Firefox simply because of its versatility, customizability and focus on privacy. We have recommended replacing … Read more

Perhaps a lesson to be learned on hoarding vulnerabilities — WannaCrypt won’t be the last we see of these types of attacks

So, once again we’d be remiss not to cover this ransomware attack that’s been on everyone’s mind over this past weekend, WannaCrypt. In short, it’s quite the shitstorm. Not because we haven’t seen ransomware before, but because of where the … Read more